our mission

  • Conceive and deliver the most innovative and complete merchandising services to our Business Partners profitably.

  • Achieve unrivaled Business Partner satisfaction.

  • Create an emotional connection between the consumer and our Business Partner′s brands.

  • Improve the quality of the lives of our team members.

our values

  • Embrace our diversity.

  • Build honest and respectful relationships with two-way communication.

  • Work hard and have FUN!

  • Live; loyalty, trust, respect and decisiveness in all relationships.

  • Inspire each other to higher levels of personal and professional growth, fulfillment and productivity.

our team

We are driven to succeed with every partnership, meeting any challenge head on with our expert staff and dedicated management team.

our history

  • 1963

    Our company was founded by Chick Saffell and based in southern California. In the beginning, the company name was Sport Service. It was formed from a conversation between two friends, Chick and the founder of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Wally Parks. The first merchandise line produced by our company was for the NHRA U.S. Nationals event located in Indianapolis in 1963. 2,000 t-shirts were produced with novelty items to compliment the assortment. All merchandise was sold out half way through the event weekend.

  • 1985

    The company continued to grow with the NHRA and a few other business partners, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It became apparent that we needed to be more centrally located to continue with the fulfillment of all our events. In 1985, Sport Service relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • 2002

    In late 2002, we changed our name from Sport Service to MainGate Inc. We started to change our leadership with the hiring of David Moroknek as Executive Vice President. Moroknek began to build a new team who shared a vision for growth.

  • 2003 thru 2008

    MainGate focused on diversification of partnerships and establishing a new mission to provide the best customer service in the industry and maximizing sales. Our goal is to have the Right Product at the Right Place at the Right Price and at the Right Time. With these changes, we continued to grow and at the end of each of these years, we closed our books with stating “this was the best year in our company’s history”. 

  • 2009

    A year where the economy hit many companies very hard, some closing doors and many downsizing to keep their doors open, we continued to grow. The key to our success in 2009 was adding new partnerships, providing the best customer service and staying loyal to the brands we represent. Despite the effects of the economy, we continued to invest in our business. We worked hard and did not lose sight of our goal to be The Premier Event Retail and Merchandising Company in the Country.

  • today

    Today, MainGate is a privately held merchandise and marketing company as diverse as its clientele. We are not only the industry standard in event merchandising, but also a multifaceted merchandise company offering a wide-range of merchandise solutions to all our business partners. We are large enough to secure anything our customers need yet small enough to provide the customer service our partners deserve.

Let us be the MainGate to portray YOUR Brand image